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Bankruptcy & Houses

Fred Appleton Free Bankruptcy and home mortgage help, information and advice Australia wide

Quite often, the house can be saved even though you go bankrupt. Read this website, save it, give it some thought, then email Steve (Appleton, my son) on to have a chat about your situation.  Include a contact telephone number.

When you go bankrupt you will get a bankruptcy trustee. From what I can see, not all trustees will try and save the house, as the trustee definitely has the power to take action and sell the house, which is an asset of your bankruptcy.

Itís important that you know that whoever is your bankruptcy trustee, they are obliged to get cash into the bankruptcy for your share of the net equity in the house. 

Itís like this:
Say your house has a current market value of $400,000.  Say the mortgage is $350,000.  Your equity then is the $50,000 balance.  Thatís the figure (ignoring selling and legal costs in these examples) that the bankruptcy trustee will be looking for to go into the bankruptcy, in cash.  Heís obliged to do that.

Letís say that the house is in joint names, and that the other joint owner is not going bankrupt.  Subject to certain bankruptcy rules and tests weíll presume here that the joint owner would therefore have half of this net equity, ie, $25,000.  If the house was sold, then the other joint owner would get a cheque for $25,000 as itís not part of the bankruptcy.

The bankruptís share of the sale proceeds would go to the bankruptcy trustee to pay into the bankruptcy.  Ultimately it will provide some funds for your bankruptcy to pay back to your unsecured creditors. (Despite what some of the debt collectors will tell you, you donít have to once you are bankrupt).

The question is, rather than force a sale, can your bankruptcy accept the $25,000 which is your share, off somebody else, and so release the house from the bankruptcy?  In most cases that we handle, the answer is YES.

If both joint owners go bankrupt, can the bankruptcy trustee accept the $50,000 joint equity from somebody else, and so release the house from the bankruptcy?  Again, in most cases that we handle, the answer is YES.

Does the $25,000 or $50,000 have to be paid up front to the bankruptcy?  Well, without giving away trade secrets, let me just say sometimes yes, sometimes no. 

Let me just repeat though, quite often in bankruptcy the house can be saved. 

Even in cases where there is now no equity in the house, there are circumstances where it can still be saved.

In all of this, if the house is going to be saved then you must continue to meet the mortgage repayments.  It also goes without saying that with other debt like credit card and store card and taxation debt and unsecured personal loans being cancelled by your bankruptcy (see, this could be looked at as providing you with some form of mortgage help, as the mortgage payments could now be more affordable. 

If this question of your home loan and bankruptcy interests you then why not send me or Steve an email at setting out the house details like where it is, who are the owners, what do you estimate it is currently worth, what is the mortgage(s) on it, are there any caveats on it, what are the mortgage repayments, and anything else you would like to tell us.  (You can also call 1300 794 492 and ask for Steve).

Tell us the details of your income, and the other joint ownerís income if this is applicable.
Most importantly, give some contact telephone numbers please, and an email address too please.
Steve or I will call you, or send you an email asking you to call one of us, and you can go into this save the house scenario to see if it looks possible. 

It doesnít matter where you are in Australia, or where the property is.

The cost for the preparation of your bankruptcy paperwork is $1,100 for an individual or $1,650 (which is for both jobs) for a husband and wife, or couple. If there are extra schedules for example for a company, a partnership, sole trader or trust then there is an extra fee of $110 per page. If you require us to print and post the completed job to you this service adds an extra $55 to your bill.

We donít accept credit card payments for our service and never have done as we think it would be illegal to do so and so could cause trouble for both of us. You should note that fees for the Trustee service, administration and taxes of the bankruptcy are generally paid out of the funds that flow in to the bankruptcy from the settlement of bankrupt estateís share of the equity in your house.

Mortgage arrangements arenít changed, there are very few hassles.

Weíve saved a lot of houses in bankruptcy.

Just a comment here, when I talk about joint ownership of the house, there are some rules in bankruptcy which will be followed so as to determine from a bankruptcy perspective the real equity ownership of each joint owner.  Itís not something that I try to cover on this website.

I think that itís also important that you have a pretty good idea of what bankruptcy is all about, from your point of view, so I strongly recommend that you go back to my website and read and understand it. 

There youíll also read that Iíve been bankrupt, and that I am now a semi retired former Chartered Accountant, and that apart from the governmentís website, my is the longest running bankruptcy service on the internet, by miles.  Weíve got runs on the board, we donít make things up.

Hereís a testimonial received in September 2011 which may be of some help:


I just wanted to update your the status of my bankruptcy.

I got my bankruptcy number last month.  Most of the creditors have acknowledged it with a formal letter/ statement to say that my balance is now zero.

I have started to contribute from my wages the amount advised by Nicholls & Co, directly paid to an account monthly.  (This is the statutory 50% over the Threshhold amount that I explain in detail in Information Note 1 in my bankruptcy website )

Being able to keep the house is a relief, not only for me but also to my wife and kids.  I now have more time with them.

Steve, Iíd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and advice, and for Fredís website. Without it I wouldnít be able to know you.  I have checked about 3 companies before you but their advices are not the same as yours, and I felt that they were really not helping. 

One company told me to sell my house first before they would look at me.Thank you very much Steve, and more power to you and Fred, youíre one of a kind.  Iím sure that with your honesty and sincerity and dedication, a lot of people will benefit from your services.Ē
Gold Coast
22 09 11


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"Again THANK YOU is not a big enough phrase for how I feel you have helped me, in some ways you saved my life"


"I was amazed to find that the “stigma of bankruptcy” was not as bad as I feared"


"Bankruptcy enables ordinary people to get out of debt, to get back on their feet and so get on with their lives" 


"I can now breathe a lot easier, learn from my mistakes, and get on with my life."


"My own and my young daughters lives have improved immeasurably"


"I now no longer flinch when the phone rings or I get a knock at the door. Once again, my sincere thanks for all your help"